Project information

  • Category: Reverse Engineering
  • Challenge: BrickRoll
  • Date Posted: Feb 24, 2022
  • Challenge Sample: Download
  • Password: infected


In this IAANSEC CTF you will be tasked with analyzing the Rick Astley Experience binary. This room will test your cryptography, stenography and malware analysis skills. Have fun and good luck!

(NOTE: Majority of flags are seperated with "_". Example: THIS_IS_A_FLAG)


Where is that God awful music coming from?

What happened to my wallpaper?

What is the name of the program causing havoc?

What file is created when the executable is ran without internet access?

What is the key to decode the sus.txt flag?

What is the sus.txt flag?

There's something off about this image...

I hate getting into arguments...

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